In 2006 we were looking to diversify our business operations. We had already acquired a bit of a land base and were dabbling in organic farming. I had always liked cattle and had a little experience handling animals in the past. That year I had the opportunity to purchase 70 females and 3 yearling bulls from Bob and Gail Switzer’s Sandy Bar Ranch. I dove right in. We were now in the purebred black angus business.

Since that first year our herd has grown to 200 functional, productive females that we are still passionate about. Our relationship with the Switzers continued and we were sending 20-25 yearling bulls to the Short Grass Sale from 2008 – 2014.

This year (2017) on March 16, we are hosting our 6th Annual Production Bull Sale in Maple Creek. In June we will present our ever popular Turn ‘em Out Bull Sale, we sell females by private treaty off the ranch and this year ill be having a female production sale in the late fall

The ranch operation is located about 7 miles NW of Maple Creek. Our ranch manager Laverne (Bushy) Lund and his wife Wendy live at the ranch site and are invaluable to our operation. We also employ and rely on Ross Kruetzer and Al Bandy. They are both experienced in handling cattle; the importance of their assistance cannot be overstated. We continue to make improvements on the handling, housing and feeding infrastructure on the place. We grow and bale our own hay on land in the Golden Prairie and Maple Creek areas.

Our name Sheidaghan Anghus that crazy looking name and no, it’s not shenanigan angus. Sheidaghan is a gaelic word meaning ‘windy place’ (if you’ve spent much time in Maple Creek you’ll know what I mean). We decided to use the old spelling for angus as well, in keeping with a celtic theme.

Tom & Vicki Flanagan